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Sunday, November 18, 2018

“All political parties die of swallowing their own lies.” – John ArbuthnotThe loss in Copeland was a failure – a failure to buck a 20 year trend. If Labour are to fix that problem, they have to look at it honestly. However, the tragic thing is that every time this pathetic ‘people still think we’re rubbish, let’s all blame Corbyn’ thing happens, the Tories take it as an opportunity to attack The People – because they know they can get away with it when Labour are divided.The idea that people think opposing Corbyn is more important than opposing this is disgraceful. All of this is happening because the plan of people like Tony Blair, Peter Mandelson and their acolytes to lose to UKIP in Stoke didn’t work, as John McDonnell said :”Virtually all the media, the printed press & UKIP itself said that they would win Stoke, in the first step of ‘wiping out The Labour Party in the North’ – and they were confident of doing that.”Well, yet again, their confidence was misplaced, and instead of learning lessons, they tried to blame Corbyn again. It’s not Corbyn’s fault Labour are struggling – it’s Labour’s fault, and this image perfectly shows why.Party division is electoral acid. Given this fact of politics, the win against Paul Nuttall MEP, leader of UK Independence Party (UKIP) in the ‘Brexit Capital’ of Stoke was at least encouraging, at best a turn of the rising tide of UKIP, a threat to the Working Class vote.#UKIP #PaulNuttal #DogWhistleTories #ToryElectionFraud #TheresaMay #JC4PM #Labour #TheLabourParty #Corbyn|Share|Support|Sponsor #NyeBevanNews|Contribute and help us grow paypal.me/NyeNews|