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Friday, November 16, 2018

“Given that the current Tory government have borrowed more than every post war Labour government combined, that comes rich.” – Jeremy Corbyn If the tories are so strong, why don’t they call a general election? Is it because more people joined The Labour Party (183,000) in 2 days than the entire Tory Party membership(149,800)? If Theresa May is so different from David Cameron, how come her policies are just more of the same? How come her speech training has clearly been the same? Pre prepared quips clunkily dropped, almost identitcal pacing and intonation. This is Theresa May’s worst ever performance. This is the best Jeremy Corbyn performance we’ve ever seen. When the tories were fig leafed in to power in 2010 by the Liberal Democrats, our debt was 69.9% (after a bailout, no less). It is now 92%. How is that ‘balancing the books’? After all the cuts, where has the money gone? This is a poundshop patriot Tory ‘government’, muddling its way through on no mandate. #PrimeMinistersQuestions #PMQs #Labour #Conservatives #SaveOurNHS #NHSSOS #JeremyCorbyn #TheresaMay |Share|Support|Sponsor #NyeBevanNews|Contribute and help us grow paypal.me/NyeNews|