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Sunday, November 18, 2018

“Same old ill informed response re – neurodisability. As a result of cancer and a brain haemorrhage during the 1990’s I have both neurological and mobility restrictions. Whilst reestablishing myself and gaining a level 6 qualification, I came across all manner of discrimination, self opinion and suspicion. During this time I had to use my various so called financial benefits to subsidise my re-qualification and develop my information technology based coping mechanisms. That done I went on to work internationally in the oil and gas sector. I’m retired now and enjoying the benefits of my state and private pensions. I payed in so now I collect; now why don’t you just foxtrot uniform charlie kilo off.”160,000 disabled people just got declared fit to work by the Tories and had their PIP payments rescinded without oversight or feed back, in direct contravention of a court ruling.#JeremyHunt #PatientDataScandal #Conservatives #UKParliament #HandsOffOurNHS #SolidarityAlways #NHS #NHSSOS #SaveOurNHS|Please Sponsor #NyeBevanNews|Contribute and help us grow paypal.me/NyeNews|correction / clarification : “PIP is nothing to do with being ‘fit for work’, many people receiving PIP (or DLA) not only do work, but require their PIP / DLA to pay for the extra costs of working.”Response : “How long before they say, “well, if you can work, you don’t need PIP.” They stop at nothing. Sick bunch of in-human bullies!”