Tories are “Bang to Rights” on #ToryElectionFraud


“You’re bang to rights on this, arent you? as a party you are bang to rights on misappropriation of electoral spending and its a criminal offence.” – Andrew Neil

“That’s for the Electoral Commission to decide.” – Grant Schapps/Michael Green

Under ‘Dodgy’ David Cameron and Theresa May the Conservatives committed Electoral Fraud on a national scale, and are being criminally investigated by Police forces in 29 constituencies. They have a parliamentary majority of just 12.

This is the ill gotten margin that let’s them falsely sit on our government benches at a time of Constitutional upheaval. David Cameron falsely claimed that “Lots of political parties have these bus tours, buses that go round different constituencies, and that is a national expense”.

Two ex-Tory activists have just blown the lid off the Tory election fraud scandal – this is why Cameron whistled as he quit… He thought he was going to get away with what he had done.

“I suppose in a way we were like the hit squad…”

The Labour Party under Jeremy Corbyn should be screaming this fact into every microphone – not putting the boot in to their own leader for personal party political purposes.

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