Tories defeated on Brexit “Commons must vote on Deal”


My lords I actually feel we have heard what is quite a compelling case for what is actually a very simple demand : The right of Parliament rather than Government to authorise the arrangements whereby the Article 50 arrangements conclude.” Baroness Hayter.

Theresa May has been defeated in The House of Lords for the second time. The first came last week, and aims to protect the rights of EU citizens living in Britain.

The Lords has voted by 366 to 268 in favor of altering May’s draft Brexit law to give The House of Commons in Parliament the ability to send her back to the negotiating table with the EU if MPs decide the Brexit deal the tories get isn’t good enough.

Brexit Secretary David Davis said he “will seek to overturn the Lords’ amendment when the bill goes back to the House of Commons.”

Rebels in May’s own Party joined forces with opposition Labour members of the unelected upper chamber to defeat the government.

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