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Friday, November 16, 2018

“Was a private contractor involved and paid? How many patients were harmed because their GP had not received information on their ongoing treatments? We understand that Capita now has the contract for delivering these services. What scrutiny is he putting Capital under? Is it not better that rather than this relentless pursuit of Privatisation, we bring these services back in house? The Department for Health knew about this in March 2016. Jeremy Hunt’s statement to Parliament said : ‘Just some correspondents had not reached the intended recipients’. When he made that statement, was he therefor aware were over 700,000 undelivered letters to patients? If so, why did he not inform Parliament. If he didn’t know, does that not call into question his competence. A shambles that puts Patient safety at risk. Patients deserve answers and they deserve an apology. This is an absolute scandal. Jeremy Hunt stands accused of a cover up. 2 months in to 2017 and the Health Secretary lurches from one crisis to another. Hospitals overcrowded, waiting lists out of control, he can’t deliver the investment our NHS needs. He can’t deliver a social care solution. He can’t deliver patient safety, and now he can’t even deliver the post.” Shadow Secretary of State for Health Jonathan Ashworth Jeremy Hunt’s tactic for the NHS is to not send patients letters about their ongoing NHS treatments, then blame patients for ‘failing to attend their appointments’. Should this NHS scandal be the end of Jeremy Hunt? #JeremyHunt #PatientDataScandal #Conservatives #UKParliament #HandsOffOurNHS #SolidarityAlways #NHS #NHSSOS #SaveOurNHS |Please Sponsor #NyeBevanNews|Contribute and help us grow paypal.me/NyeNews|