“A 12 year old girl was impregnated by a Pakistani Muslim child rapist. That man was not prosecuted by police.”


“There is a girl from Rochdale who was made pregnant by a man. That man was not prosecuted for rape. She was 12. That girl met that abuser in Rochdale in Asda a few months ago. She came face to face with him round the aisle.

He had sole custody of a child. If the police knew that for not prosecuting these cases they could lose their pension, or they could go to jail, they would make different decisions.

These girls in Manchester were 13. The authorities were victim blaming. In care homes these 13 year old girls were getting in cars with 40 year old men and forcibly injected with heroin.

When they got back to the care homes, they were repeatedly turning up back at care homes being beaten up, repeatedly showing signs of sexual abuse, repeatedly turning up at the local NHS hospital for abortions.

The view seemed to have been “they are cheap, they are selling themselves, they don’t matter.”

This was not a mistake – this was a deliberate action by Manchester Police to bury the job.”

Manchester Pakistani Muslim child rape gang scandal whistle-blower: “Things have not changed.”

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