“Americans are entitled to healthcare.” Did Trump just steal Bernie’s homework to deal with Coronavirus State of Emergency?


Did Trump just steals Bernie’s homework to deal with Coronavirus? The media won’t point this out, but when Donald Trump just said “Americans are entitled to healthcare…no expense will be spared. We will send medical professionals to where they are most needed.”

He basically laid down the first bricks in a wall – a wall of protection against disease and illness.

We have one of those walls – it’s called an NHS.

The system being set up by the Trump administration to deal with this pandemic is a centrally run, publicly owned, nationally coordinated pandemic healthcare system.

Sounds an awful lot like an NHS to me.

And after the virus passes, will this system, which will save many lives should it work, be dismantled? Not likely.

What will happen to this nationalised pandemic healthcare system? Mission creep.

The Republican President Trump just said it himself: “Americans are entitled to healthcare.”

He agrees with Bernie Sanders on that.

Do you?

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