Blair never did that: Boris’s NHS funding promises will be made into cast iron law on day 1.


Boris Johnson’s election Promise to ramp up NHS spending by £34bn by 2023-24 will be passed into law on Thursday.

The “Get Brexit Done” Prime Minister will cast the promise in iron by using his 1st Queen’s Speech of the new Pro Brexit parliament to set in stone the
commitments made during his victorious “respect Democracy” general election campaign.

This will be the first time any government in British History has made a legally binding spending commitment on the NHS over several years.

“Our job is to serve the people of this country, and to deliver on our priorities. And our priorities and their priorities are the same.” PM Johnson

Boris has firmly parked his tanks on Labour’s working class lawn. Between respecting the Working Class Leave vote & outmatching Labour’s record on NHS spending commitments in money and legal terms, this is a dark day for the Left.

They handed away their title as the party of democracy, and it looks like they are having their mantle as the party of the NHS taken from them too.

Needless to say, this election was a catasdtrophe for the Left and for Labour.

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