Blair’s legacy: “Branson’s Virgin health have been given £2billion of NHS money and paid no tax.” Dr John Lister


“Virgin continues to play a parasitic role in the NHS, fragmenting services and poaching NHS-trained staff and undermining nearby NHS trusts.

This is made worse by the fact that the company pays no corporation tax and therefore only takes resources from the public sector while contributing nothing of value.

Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin healthcare group has not paid a penny in corporation tax while being handed £2billion worth of NHS and local authority deals.

The fact the firm is not making a profit suggests its continued ­involvement with the NHS is either based on ideological opposition to public services or a series of loss leader contracts hoping to force the prices up and cash in later.” – Health campaigner Dr John Lister

Virgin Care owner Richard Branson funded the New Labour project – in return Tony Blair ramped up the usage of P.F.I. in the NHS, resulting in £2trillion in contractual liabilities – and lost frontline revenues.

Branson also funded the “Stop Corbyn” movements orchestrated by Tony Blair & Peter Mandelson, as well as the “Stop Brexit” movement. The latter was because the European Union is opposed to state run monopolies – the NHS is a state run monopoly.

The Single Market was reformed at the behest of Thatcher in 1987 – she later regretted the UKs involvement in the European project, and was removed from office by Europhile “wets” in her own party. One of the reforms was to get rid of the rule allowing state run monopolies. The existing State run monopolies were allowed to continue, but under state aid competition law, the Single Market banned new ones and encouraged the privatisation of existing ones.

This fact alone was reason enough for Labour not to put itself forward as a “Remain” party – and now the pro EU Corbyn supporters are realising that our protests over this point were valid. The EU is a capitalist organisation, it has nothing to do with socialism, at all.

Blair’s anti NHS Timeline:
1997: Branson funds Blair’s New Labour project.
1997 – 2009: Blair’s Labour sell NHS contracts to Branson’s Virgin Care (then known as Assura Medical).
2010-2015: Branson uses EU legislation to sue the NHS for refusing to sell him contracts.
2015-2019 – Branson funds Blair’s organisations to stop Corbyn.
2016-2019 – Branson funds Blair’s organisations to stop Brexit.
Join the dots, socialists. The NHS is a State run monopoly. The EU opposes State run monopolies. New state monopolies are illegal. It allows existing state monopolies, but encourages & legislates for their privatisation.
Why did Labour allow the man who lied 1million Iraqis to death to dictate their view on Brexit?

Shadow Health ­Secretary Jon Ashworth added: “Under the Tories, bucketloads of taxpayers’ cash has flowed to this outfit.”

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