Did Jeremy Corbyn stay loyal to his mentor Tony Benn, and help make Brexit happen?


Is Jeremy Corbyn as much a hero of Brexit as Nigel Farage, or Boris Johnson, or Tony Benn? Should Brexiteers, left wing or right wing, toast Jeremy Corbyn?

No, I’m serious. I know to many he is a bumbling fool, or worse, a threat to the nation. To many his politics are anathema, as are his friends. Is he infact a cunning genius who had a goal and achieved it come what may? 

This sounds insane, right? Well, hear me out. Here’s my theory on Jeremy Corbyn – he stayed loyal to Tony Benn throughout.

Corbyn NEVER wavered from his anti EU principles.

Let’s look at every stage of Brexit –

*In the 1970s Corbyn opposed the EEC.
*In the 1980s Corbyn opposed Thatcher’s capitalist reforms of the Single Market.
*In the 1990s Corbyn opposed the Maastricht Treaty.
*In the 2000s Corbyn opposed the Lisbon Treaty.
*In the 2010s Corbyn supported a Referendum on EU membership.
*In 2016 before the Referendum result he was accused by Remainers of “half hearted” support of the Remain campaign.
*In June 2016 Corbyn after the Referendum result he stood outside Parliament at 7a.m, and said “we must invoke Article 50 NOW.”
*In May 2017 Corbyn lead the charge in destroying the Remainer Prime Minister Theresa May, resulting in her replacement with pro Leave Prime Minister Boris Johnson.
*In December 2019 he whipped his MPS into voting for a General Election he knew Labour would lose, resulting in a “Get Brexit Done” Tory government.


Could it be that he, like that other famous JC, sacrificed himself on the cross of Brexit, knowing that the short term pain of a Tory government was worth the long term goal of leaving the EU, and thus freeing Britain to implement real socialism at some later, maybe long far off date?

Did he sacrifice Labour’s electoral chances in the 2020s to guarantee that real Socialism had a real chance at some later date in the 21st century? Because I’m struggling to come up with some other rational reason why Corbyn did what he did.

The Remainer dominated Parliament had Brexit exactly where they wanted it: a pro Remain speaker presiding over a pro Remain parliament that had the pro Leave Prime Minister under lock and key. They were convinced they were inches away from stopping Brexit, and they were right.

Who changed that? Jeremy Corbyn did, when he used a 3 line whip to get Labour to support voting for a General Election he knew Labour would lose. In doing so, Corbyn saved Brexit, and saved British Democracy. He also ensured that, in the future, Socialism had a chance to be implemented properly on these islands – which would not be possible in the EU.

Writing this out has me more convinced: Jeremy Corbyn is a Brexit hero. Tony Benn would be proud.

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