Disturbing links between Liberal Democrats & Supreme Leader of Iran revealed


There are some very concerning links between a Lib Dem candidate and the Iranian Supreme leader’s Office. Ali Avaei is the Lib Dem Candidate for Newcastle, and his biography on the Lib Dem website doesn’t really do him, or his family, any justice.

The Liberal Democrat website omits from its record the fact that Mr Avaei is the son of the direct representative of Iranian Supreme leader Ayatollah Komeni.

Komeni is essentially the King of Iran, and Mr Avaei is the son of his right hand man. This family is amongst the most powerful in the King of Iran’s court.

“many Iranians on social media have raised alarm, not just because his father is the representative of Iran’s authoritarian ruler, but also because his uncle Alireza Avaei was a long-time judicial official in Iran accused of involvement in human rights violations.” – Radio Farda

Many people came to the UK fleeing Iran – when they did, they were fleeing people like the Avaei’s. Ali’s Uncle is Iran’s current Justice Minister & as a former prosecutor general during the Iranian Revolution in 1979 was personally involved in a number of crackdowns over the last 3 decades. He has executed many people for their political opinions.

These people simply wanted their freedom.

These families act like a mafia in Iran, bullying and exploiting the Iranian people, repressing their freedoms and debasing the mothercountry of all civilisation with their blunt faced brutality.

Ali’s father is the Ayatolla’s direct representative. His uncle has executed people for their political opinions. Now their son & nephew is trying to become an MP in the British Parliament.

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Son of representative of Iran’s Khamenei running for Lib Dems in UK elections 

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