Jess ‘men’s suicide is a laughing matter’ Phillips quits the Labour leadership race


“Jess Phillips does not have a political bone in her body – how often have you heard her talk about economic policy, for example?

She is a self publicist who treats parliament as if it were the set of a reality TV show.

If she is the answer, Labour is asking the wrong question.”Paul Embery.

“I asked her if a Labour MP working for such a prominent Tory activist’s firm was a good idea but got no response. Labour MP Jess Phillips has an £8,000-a-year sideline working for top Tory donor and former Conservative deputy chairman Lord Ashcroft’s firm.” S. Hughes.

“I would stab Jeremy Corbyn in the front.” – Jess Phillips MP.

Labour’s claims to be the party of the Working Class are undermined by the existence of Labour MPs like this.

Why were the Labour Party defending this person, let alone considering them as Corbyn’s replacement as Labour Party leader?

She once laughed when someone suggested male suicide rates be discussed at a debate on men’s issues.

She also promised to quit if Tom Watson quit, then when Tom Watson quit, Jess Phillips failed to keep her promise.

Good riddance.

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