Labour impose Thatcherite £25 poll tax to vote in leadership contest – for the money, not for you?


As in 2016, when Owen Smith challenged Jeremy Corbyn, registered supporters will be given 48 hours – starting next Tuesday at 5pm – to pay £25 to sign up.

This is insanity. Nothing says “screw the poor” more than charging them to vote.

Between this, denying democracy by opposing Brexit & insulting the working class that built the Labour Party whilst doing so, surely it’s time to ask the question:

What is the point of the Labour Party?

Imposing the £25 poll tax as a tactic to price out the poorest is disgusting.

Absolutely disgusting. Starmer stood on a platform saying “people before privilege” at Labour conference.

How on earth is charging the poorest for their democratic rights in line with “people before privilege”?

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