LabourList editor rips into Keir Starmer: “Everything about Starmer’s trajectory is calculated. He’s not Left wing & that’s why members should be wary of him.”

The Tories want Keir “Stop Brexit” Starmer to win, as they know they will keep the Red Wall in 5 years time.
The one they really fear is Lisa Nandy. The prospect of RLB uniting the troops also isn’t what they want.
The Tories want Starmer. Are you a Tory?


“Everything about Starmer’s trajectory is calculated. He’s not left-wing. I find it unbelievable and a failing of the Labour Left that people are swirling this narrative that he really wants to be left-wing.

You only have to look at his local party to know that he’s on the right of the party.

He keeps out of a lot of the fights but the right know that when they need a vote he and his wife will deliver for them.

I think he is apolitical. I think he lacks politics and that’s why members should be a bit wary of him.

At the hustings Keir Starmer just didn’t say anything noteworthy at all, because he’s the frontrunner and he doesn’t want to say anything of interest. The one thing he did say that got applause was “Im not going to give an interview to the S*n this campaign.”

And by the afternoon that had changed that to “ask me if I’ll do a S*n interview when I’m leader.”

Which is arrogant as shit. No leadership contender is going to be giving an interview to the S*n during the campaign, that’s not where the Labour membership is at. It was not the best thing to say.”

Sienna Rogers, LabourList editor

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