Not a single Labour MP attends debate on NHS scandal of 900 deaths or serious injuries of mothers & babies


The number of investigations into needless deaths or serious injuries suffered by babies & mothers at Shrewsbury & Telford Hospital maternity department has reached over 900, according to Nadine Dorries the Health & Social Care Minister. This is the biggest NHS scandal since MidStaffs.

This is a screenshot of tonight’s debate on the Ockenden review of maternity care at Shrewsbury & Telford Hospital NHS Trust. Hundreds of Women and babies have suffered & died needlessly in a scandal that is horrendous in scope.

The Parliamentary Labour Party at present are an absolute disgrace. When you don’t turn up to work, do you get paid, or are your wages docked?

Not a single Labour MP attended. Nor did a single S.N.P., Plaid or Green MP attended. Only Tories.

This is yet another symptom of how disconnected the current Parliamentary Labour Party is. The notion that not a single Labour MP turned up to this debate on the biggest NHS scandal since MidStaffs is nothing short of an outrage.
Obsessed with the leadership election. Obsessed with (stopping) Brexit.
Forgetting about the job the are paid £80k a year for.

Everyone else is too busy for the biggest NHS malpractice scandal in nearly a decade, apparently.

Labour at present seem to care about 2 things:

1. Making sure a Remainer wins the leadership election
2. beginning the process of becoming the “party of Remain”

Other than Jeremy Corbyn, not a single Labour MP spoke about the NHS in the Commons today. Says it all.

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