“Only two things are stopping me from beating your ass to a pulp: your name & death.” – Labour activist Abdur Rahman Khan


My name is Benjamin Jenkins. I’m the founder of Nye Bevan News and a former Labour activist. For being pro Brexit I’ve received many threats of violence, many death threats. My family have been harassed. These threats come from the modern, 21st century, anti-British, pro EU Left.

Your pathetic attempts at bullying won’t work. I’m not scared of you. Not a single person in the entire British Working Class is scared of you pathetic people.

The British Working Class loathes you. This is why the Working Class that built the Labour Party will unbuild it.

“A great chunk of the Left, a majority, views Islamist fascism in some perverted way as a liberation theology. They see it as anti imperialistic.” – Christopher Hitchens.

Labour activists are threatening me with violence, ringing my girlfriends phone at 2am asking for blow jobs and mass flagging my pages & profile to facebook.

That’s what you get from the Labour movement for being pro Leave in the UK.

Meet Abdur Rahman Khan. He thinks I’m “sprouting hate”. He is a clear example of the Left in the 21st Century: an authoritarian, censorious mind camp, a digital gulag for the human brain.

If you make a run for the fences, this is who “the movement” sends to try to “keep you in line.” They do it to teachers who try to teach children about sex education. They do it to working class people for daring to disagree with the policy of the Labour Party. They do it to the Jews, because they are Jew haters.

They aren’t shy about it, either. To the more rational amongst those reading, I suppose the question you might be asking yourselves is “why?”

The answer is hate. Hatred for Britain. hatred for the British people. Hatred for everything Britain & the British people stand for & represent.

After 4 years embedded in the new digital left, I can honestly say I see absolutely no hope in what these people offer – and their offer is a cringeworthy, cliched Orwellian cum Kafkaesque nightmare.

Why on earth are we in Britain tolerating this subversion of tolerance? Why are we allowing the cut and thrust of British political discourse to be hijacked by abhorrent, violent extremists often wearing the badge of the Labour Party? This is why British voters rejected the politics of the modern digital left: because what the modern digital left are offering is anathema to the British voter.

What happens when you disagree with the Labour Party in this new digital era at the dawn of the 3rd decade of the 21st century? People like Abdur Rahman Khan threaten you. This might scare a lot of people, and given the recent events on London Bridge, justifiably so.

But what little fascists like Abdur Khan – who Christopher Hitchens warned us about – don’t realise is this: I was raised by a WW2 RAF veteran who flew 36 bombing missions over Nazi Germany. He told me all about authoritarian scum bags like this person. I’m not scared of these fascists. Nor are the British people. Narwhal horns for the win. Whilst the Labour Party is infected with this cancer, they do not deserve the votes of the British people.

Update: For posting the picture of the person threatening me, I have been banned from facebook for 30 days.

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