“Starmer is a comfort blanket for people who can’t accept what happened – voters didn’t want a 2nd Referendum.”


“People won’t like this and it risks getting me into trouble but it’s worth it to make important points. For all the talk we hear of ‘electability’ when it comes to Keir Starmer there is nothing to back it up and no honest reflection on why we lost.

Starmer is a comfort blanket for people who can’t accept what happened.

Why did we lose all those crucial seats in the ‘Red wall’. What was the critical factor, the deciding factor that made it completely impossible that we could win or get close to winning?

It wasn’t because we had a manifesto that promised large-scale public ownership, a Green Industrial Revolution and free broadband (though that’s not to say we should have developed better messaging and communication around those policies)

It wasn’t because we were dogged by the issue of anti-semitism (Though it did damage us and we should have responded better).

It wasn’t because Jeremy Corbyn was unpopular (though he was and we should have dealt with that better).
Fundamentally we lost because of Brexit and because in those seats where we were defeated it came across to people that we were telling them they were wrong, that they were stupid and that they were racist and that they couldn’t have what they voted for.

They didn’t want another referendum. They had already won the vote and told politicians what they wanted. We came across as though we were not on their side.

That’s why we lost so badly really.

How is electing Starmer as leader going to show that we have learned any lessons from that? Whatever he claims he embodies that attitude of ‘we know best’ and ‘you got it wrong’.

The Tories will have a field day with that. He will be destroyed in the media.

It will be incredibly difficult to win those seats back next time whoever is our leader but the idea that Starmer is the most likely one seems completely delusional.

From my point of view at least RLB seems to get why we lost and is putting forward a different approach. There are good ideas around aspiration and putting more emphasis on the Green Industrial Revolution. To be fair Lisa Nandy seems to get it too.

I can’t believe Labour members really believe Starmer is the most ‘electable’ leader. Perhaps the real reason many are supporting him is to quote one member of this forum ‘to get our party back’ and that makes much more sense.

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