The Blairites told the Left they would sabotage Corbyn & socialism – the Left should have expelled them.


There is an alternate reality where Labour are in power right now and Corbyn is PM. In that reality Labour ignored the Blairite Remainers & listened to Dennis Skinner. In that world, in another timeline, the Beast would still be an MP. He’d be planning his famous quip at the opening of Parliament (This will be the first time in my life where Parliament opened and Skinner wasn’t there with one of his famous jokes)..

As a pro Brexit Party with a pro Brexit leader, Labour would have won a majority of the 408 constituencies that voted Leave, and would win enough of the 242 seats that voted Remain to form a government with no need for a coalition.

But we don’t live in that reality. We live in this one. The one where the remainer Blairites couldn’t stand the thought of a proper socialist in 10 Downing Street. Couldn’t stand the thought of leaving the EU.

That’s why Labour never backed Brexit properly – just like they never backed the leader. Blairites hate democracy, unless they win the vote.

Given that many of Corbyn’s policy positions cannot be achieved within the Thatcherite reformed Single Market, Left wing history will look back on this period as one of the greatest missed opportunities in the history of socialism in Britain.

The refusal to embrace the working class vote to Leave the EU is a tragic, horrendous strategic error on the Part of the Labour Party, from which both the Party, and the Left, may never recover.

Labour could have ridden the popular revolution and renewed Britain for the 21st Century, as the great government of Attlee & Bevan did in the 20th.

Now they are struggling to breath at all.

Such a wasted opportunity, missed to placate middle class morons like Emily Thornberry & Keir Starmer, and war criminals like Tony Blair & Alastair Campbell.

There were voices on the left saying to Corbyn supporters: “don’t support a 2nd Referendum, it’ll destroy the chances of Corbyn winning, that’s WHY the Blairites want it.”

Ask yourself this, would the Blairites have wanted a 2nd referendum, alienating so many voters in so many seats, if they were leading the party?

No chance. It was a no lose situation for the Blairites – get a 2nd referendum or lose Corbyn in the attempt.

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