The complete list of things Remainer Londoners said to a Black Cab driver that will not happen tomorrow.

These claims were made by former Prime Ministers, former Deputy Prime Ministers, former Cabinet members, former leaders of every major Political Party & former Civil servants and advisers.
All of them were lying – and knew they were lying – when they said these things. The people who did this should be held to account:
1. 3.5 million job losses..
2. No trade deal with the EU.
3. Potential World War.
4. Food shortages.
5. Higher prices.
6. House price crash.
7. Higher taxes.
8. Emergency budget.
9. Medicine shortages.
10. Back of the queue in a US trade deal.
11. No protection for workers.
12. No co operation on global warmer.
13. Trump buying the NHS.
14. Break down in sporting arrangements – no Champions league football.
15. No UK entry to the Eurovision song contest.
16. Loss of influence & power in World affairs.
17. EU criminals will flood to Britain to evade EU arrest warrant.
18. British criminals escaping to EU.
19. No infection controls on the borders.
20. No animal disease control on the borders.
21. No flights to EU.
22. No flights from EU.
23. War with Russia.
24. Rise of fascism.
25. Mass deportations of Europeans from UK.
26. Mass deportations of Brits from the EU.
27. No funding for science research.
28. Removal of twin status between UK and EU towns.
29. No military co operation with European nations.
30. No intelligence or security co operation with EU nations. 31. Britons forced to eat chlorinated chicken.
32. NHS forced to buy overpriced US drugs.
33. Trump will buy the NHS.
34. Calais/Dover trade blocked.
35. Just in time manufacturing delivery stopped.
36. City of London collapses, bankers move to EU.
37. Manufacturing collapses.
38. University research links severed.
39. Fisheries conservation ends.
40. Intolerance of and violence to all minorities increases.
Things that are going to happen:
1. An EU army.
2. An EU central bank.
3. All EU nations forced into Eurozone.
4. EU forces open borders to migrants.
5. Turkey will eventually join the EU.

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