UK Socialism is on Life support. If the Left lose the leadership election, 21st century British socialism is dead.


Socialism in Britain is on life support. If Socialists lose this Labour leadership election to a Blairite Remainer, Socialism in Britain is dead for a generation.

In 2017, with his popular manifesto policies, his Eurosceptic credentials and his promise to uphold Brexit, Jeremy Corbyn came within a handful of votes in a handful of seats of forming the next government, with a mandate to implement a Bennite Brexit.

The Blairites in the Labour Party saw how close he came with his policies coupled with his anti EU credentials and they were terrified.

Every single one of them tried to lose that election and they failed – there was a hung Parliament. The lesson they took from that was:

“If Corbyn is allowed to retain a pro Brexit stance whilst the Tories are screwing up Brexit, not only are we going to Leave the EU, but we’re going to be doing it under Corbyn.”

They could not allow that: Socialism & Democracy are anathema to Blairites.

From that moment on they pushed and pushed and pushed for Corbyn to betray his Euroscepticism. The second he did, the second Labour promised a 2nd Referendum, they sunk from neck and neck in the polls down to 22%.

Come the 2019 election, Labour lost their Leave voters. They lost Bolsover. The great Dennis Skinner will not breathe his last breath in the Commons, holding the Tories to account. He will die in a Tory held constituency. He will die having seen his life’s work, upholding Socialism and Democracy, half destroyed and half done. It will be a tragic, ignoble end to one of the greatest socialists Britain has ever produced:

The Blairite Remainers killed the Beast.

Like Cuckoos in the nest, some of them actually crashed Labour’s electoral chances on purpose by getting Corbyn to back a 2nd Referendum. Some “got behind him” so that they could stab him in the back and steal his job.

The more unhinged continued to stab him in the front.

So, who to vote for?

The way Labour’s voting system works, anything other than a vote for RLB/Rayner or RLB/Burgon is a vote for the Blairite Remainers who told you, bluntly, they were undermining Corbyn every day.

If you fall for the trick of voting for Jess Phillips as your least favoured candidate, you will lose this election.

If you fall for the trick of voting Emily Thornberry as your least favourite candidate, you will lose the election.

If Socialists lose the Labour leadership election, socialism in 21st century Britain is dead.

You already messed up once by falling for the trick of backing a 2nd Referendum. Don’t fall for the tricks in this leadership election.

I’m no great fan of Rebecca Long Bailey. But a vote for anyone else, and a 2nd preference for the other front runner, coupled with a “I hate Jess Philips” least favoured vote, will con you out of the Labour Party you just won back.

Don’t fall for it.

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