“We in Wales are going to give Labour a massive wake up call on December 12th.”


“Barry as a Welsh Labour supporter & Labour voter all of my life, for you to tell me you are going to offer me a choice between Remain lite & Remain – you take us for idiots, don’t you Barry?

You are going against what we voted for Barry, you need to come out and say it. The ballot said “Leave” or “remain”, quite simple Barry.

Are you telling me I’m right wing Barry? I’ve voted Labour all my life, and now I’m a right wing person?

This is why we in South Wales are going to give you a massive wake up call on December 12th.

You are going to realise South Wales is like Scotland – you took us for granted and you took us for fools.

You want us to Remain & to stab the people of South Wales in the back.”

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