When Black Rod compared Bercow to Weinstein, Blairites said: “Stopping Brexit trumps bad behaviour.”


“Stopping Brexit trumps bad behaviour.” – Blairite Labour Dame Margaret Beckett on why Parliament should not investigate John Bercow’s abuse, which was compared to Harvey Weinstein by Black Rod.

Yesterday the new Speaker, Labour’s Lindsay Doyle moved to stop any future Speaker, including himself, from behaving the way John Bercow did when he colluded with sections of Parliament – like the Blairites Yvette Cooper, Wes Streeting & Hillary B***(doesn’t deserve Tony Benn the anti EU hero’s name) – in attempting to stall and stop Brexit.

Bercow broke all conventions of Parliament and arrogated power to himself from the politically crippled executive. Bercow has since become the first former Speaker not to make it to the House of Lords. All of this a sign that the allegations against Bercow may well be every bit as serious as Black Rod has stated.

If so, then the actions of Blairite Remainers like Margaret Beckett, where she actively suppressed the allegations against Bercow, need investigating.

The actions of the last Parliament, as well as the Supreme Court, at any other time in British history would have been called treason. Colluding with a foreign power in undermining your own country because you have arbitrarily labelled everyone who disagrees with you “a fascist” does not justify the action of collusion.

The majority of Parliament, Lords & Commons, as well as a sizable section of the Civil Service and Legal fraternity did indeed collude to try to subvert British Democracy.

That collusion extended to covering up the allegations against John Bercow. They did this whilst they were tweeting #MeToo in support of Harvey Weinstein’s accusers and victims.

At the exact same time as they were being told Bercows’ abuse was like Harvey Weinstein by none other than Black Rod.

The sickening duplicity of this is truly, deeply worrying. If Bercow is guilty of behaving like Harvey Weinstein, then his victims deserve justice, and have deserved justice from the moment they were brave enough to speak up.

The fact the Remainer factions in Parliament said nothing should sicken their core voters – who are often on the forefront of movements like #MeToo, or arguing for the rights and needs of vulnerable minority groups.

An investigation by High Court judge Dame Laura Cox QC that found a culture of “deference, subservience, acquiescence and silence” had allowed the mistreatment of staff in the House of Commons to thrive.

Bercow faced claims – which he denies – that he bullied two former officials.

Blairite Labour MPs backed Bercow, who voted remain, because they believed he would guarantee parliament got to stop Brexit.

The speaker faced a number of calls to resign, including from the highly-respected chair of the Women and Equalities Committee.

And Dame Laura said it would be “extremely difficult” for the “current senior House administration”, including the speaker, to affect change.

Blairite Dame Margaret Beckett said Labour should overlook Bercow’s alleged behaviour to secure a meaningful vote for MPs on Brexit.

She told BBC Radio Five Live: “It seems to me that we would potentially add to the number of disasters we have inflicted upon ourselves of late were we to choose, or the speaker were to choose, to go at this time.

And I would say to him to keep his powder dry for now because we are going to embark on this huge constitutional experiment in which there may be a key role for the speaker.”

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