“Together, we can put the GREAT back into Great Britain! WE are many, THEY are few!”


“On 4th December 2017 Stafford Constitutional Labour Party delivered their ‘reverse advent calendar’ donations to Staffordshire Womens Aid, who have had a MASSIVE upsurge in people needing their help thanks to the Tories inhumane ‘austerity’.

As usual the party members did not disappoint, donating food, drinks, gifts, toys, games, toiletries, shoes / boots, blankets, curtains, sanitary items, baby food, chocolate, sweets, treats & much more besides.

Stafford CLPs Fundraising Officer decided to do the collection through November so that the charity could sort out boxes / bags for those who need them, before the festive season hits.

Stafford CLP members are also doing an overnight sleep out to highlight the plight of those forced onto Universal Credit & those forced out onto the streets, on 8th December 2017.

Another local charity, House Of Bread, will be the recipient of their fundraising efforts – please donate if you can, every penny helps. https://staffordlabour.org.uk/news/universal-credit-campaign-update

And on the 23rd December Stafford CLP members will be delivering goods to the local homeless population (we’ve identified a ‘safe’ place where they’re known to congregate at night to sleep) – items will include rucksacks, sleeping bags, gloves / hats / socks / coats, warm clothing, ready to eat food, dog food & treats, sweets & treats, toiletries, sanitary products & more besides.

If anyone would like to join us or donate, please either contact us via the page link above, or find us on Facebook.

Together, we can put the GREAT back into Great Britain!
WE are many, THEY are few!” – Jo Bialan