The Media Myth of ‘Benefits Britain’ is perverse – Banks get Bailouts, the Poorest get Punished


We gave the banks £1162 billion during the financial crisis. Total UK spending for 2015 was £562.8 billion. Of that all welfare spending was £54.8 billion. Of that unemployment benefits spending was £4.2 billion.

That £4.2 billion we spend on unemployment benefits is less than we spend on ‘agriculture forestry and fishing’ (£5.1 billion). Crucially, it is less than what we spend on ‘broadcast and publishing services’ – which at £4.7 billion pounds is obviously a good investment for the Tories, as they’ve got otherwise bright people saying that benefits spending is ruining the economy.

This Tory party was supposed to be ‘balancing the books’, after they and the Lib Dems convinced the electorate that Labour crashed the global economy. Since the Tories came to power our Debt to GDP has ballooned from 69.9% under Gordon Brown to 92% under Theresa May – despite the Conservatives being elected on a mantra of fiscal responsibility.

Instead, they & the LibDems embarked on a strategy of politically imposed ‘Austerity’, which in reality has simply been a handy premise on which to roll out the primary goal of every Conservatives government : the complete destruction of the NHS & Welfare State.

“She leads a government that has increased National Debt by £700 billion – more than every single Labour government in History combined. Why should anyone believe a word they say over the next 7 weeks?

In 2010 they promised to eradicate the deficit by 2015. In 2015 they promised to eliminate it by 2020. The new chancellor says it will be 2022 – I admire their consistency, it’s always: ‘in 5 years time’….All her government has delivered is more debt and less funding for schools and hospitals.

If she’s so proud of her record, why not debate it? “


The Tories and before them the coalition savaged the budgets of Health, Social Care, and Work & Pensions. The Tories, whose MPs are often investors in Private Helathcare firms, are inviting private companies into the NHS, like richard Branson’s Virgin Care. They are soaking up the public budget, and so if we wanted a health service funded at the levels they have in Germany, we would have to spend an extra £1,000,000,000 every week on the National Health Service.

Thousands died after Iain Duncan Smith illiegally declared them ‘fit to work’. recently 160,000 disabled people have had their PIP benefits revoked. Special Olympians have had their mobility cars taken off them. And despite all the cuts, the Debt pile goes up, up & up.

The richest have doubled their wealth since the Tories took office whilst wages for the rest have been stagnant for over a decade. As a direct result of tax and benefit decisions made since 2010, the Institute for Fiscal Studies say there are currently 3.7 million children living in poverty in the UK. That’s over a quarter of all children. 1.7 million of these children are living in severe poverty.

The Tories have slashed our services and raised our Debt. So where has all the money gone? Since the Tories took office it is up from £700 billion to £1.5 trillion. 29 M.P.s sitting on the benches behind Theresa May’s Conservatives government are under criminal investigation for electoral fraud, but the traditional media will not hold government officials to account.

“Why did you let Iain Duncan Smith off the hook? If that had been a Labour minister who had been sitting there, who had failed on their key pledge on immigration? This was a key Tory manifesto commitment, and you just sort of sat back and went “oh well, you didn’t manage it” and now the Tories are saying to you “look it doesn’t matter, we’ll going to control immigration, somehow.” and you’ve just gone “that’s fine.”

This is outrageous, you are supposed to be holding him to account – you’re going to do that to me!

They didn’t hit their targets on the deficit either. They promised to end it by 2015. They are not going to end it till 2022 – and you didn’t skewer him.

You are supposed to be the tough guy on Sky News, and you didn’t even ask him.”

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