Catalonia votes for Independence in Referendum marred by Spanish Police violence


#CataloniaIndependenceReferendum Result

YES 2,020,144=91.96%
NO 176,566=8.04%

(2,264,000 ballots cast, over 400 polling stations were closed, and they were unable to count another estimated 700,000 votes).


“Police violence in Catalonia today is shocking, and the Spanish government should take action to end it now.

While we believe disputes over sovereignty should be resolved in accordance with rules and laws, and any referendum on these issues needs to be both democratic and fair, it is unacceptable for the Spanish authorities to overreact to today’s events through aggressive police action and the forcible closure of polling stations.

They must respect the right to peaceful protest, and all sides must strive to come together and reach a political solution to this constitutional crisis. Violence of any sort will simply worsen divisions, and make a resolution harder to reach.”

Emily Thornberry MP, Labour’s Shadow Foreign Secretary.

Sending military police – using rubber bullets which are banned banned in Catalonia – to stifle democracy in the Iberian peninsula is one of the most ominous signs for democracy on the continent of Europe since Franco, Mussolini & Hitler tried to destroy European Democracy outright.

Here’s an insight on the ground from Tim Pool:

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