‘Flawed Intelligence’ the shocking reality of 9/11, Iraq, Bush & Blair


“In September 2002 the head of Mi6 rushed to Downing Street to tell Blair excitedly that they had finally found the source that confirmed everything. The source, he said, had direct access to Saddam Hussein’s Chemical weapons programme – and said that he was making vast quantities of VS & Sarin nerve agents.

The nerve agents were being loaded into linked hollow glass spheres…..but then someone in Mi6 noticed the details were describing were identical to scenes in the 1996 movie The Rock, starring Sean Connery & Nicholas Cage.

A later report into the Iraq War pointed out : ‘glass containers were not typically used in chemical munitions, and the informant had obviously seen a popular movie, known as ‘The Rock’, which inaccurately depicted nerve agents being carried in glass beads or spheres’………..” –

Adam Curtis on Tony Blair & George W. Bush’s obsession with the idea of ridding the world of Saddam Hussein – So possessed did they become that they believed any story that proved his evil intentions.

The reason a report or investigation into Saudi Arabian links to the attack on 9/11 has still not been carried out is because, as we all now know with the rise of ISIS, Saudi Arabia was and still is actively exporting Wahaabi extremism as a matter of government foreign policy.

Saudi Arabia also has close ties with both the Conservative & Republican parties in the UK & USA.

During a TonyBlair/The Andrew Marr Show interview the former Labour leader attacked the current Labour leader, we were told that Blair wasn’t to blame for Iraq because “he didn’t know the intelligence was flawed.”

This BBC documentary disproves that notion.

It is worrying that anyone still believes Tony Blair & Alastair Campbell didn’t knowingly ‘sex up’ the ‘Dodgy dossier of spurious claims that were used to con the House of Commons into thinking Saddam Hussein was a credible threat to the United Kingdom.

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