Jo Swinson: Elected as new Liberal Democrat leader

Jo Swinson elected as new Liberal Democrat leader

Jo Swinson ‘over the moon’ to be elected as new Liberal Democrat leader

Jo Swinson has been elected as the new leader of the Liberal Democrats.

The results of the leadership contest were announced on Monday afternoon with Swinson, the MP for East Dunbartonshire, comfortably beating Ed Davey by 47,997 votes to 28,021 to secure the nomination.

Swinson said she was “delighted, honoured and over the moon, to stand before you as the leader of the Liberal Democrats.”

She added: “Liberalism is alive and thriving. In the face of nationalism, populism, the catastrophe of Brexit, the two old parties have failed.

“Our party has been clear on Brexit from Day One. We believe the UK’s best future is as members of the European Union. That’s why, as your leader, I will do whatever it takes to Stop Brexit.”

The Lib Dems have 12 MPs – bolstered by ex-Labour and ex-Change UK MP Chuka Umunna’s decision to join them last month.

Swinson was part of the Lib Dems Coalition known as the FIBDEM’s with ex-prime minister David Cameron’s Conservatives. The coalition that together brought in UK Austerity measures that have seen food banks and poverty rise throughout the UK, Police cuts and rising crime, she served as Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State in the business department, before later become a junior equalities minister.

She has played a major role in the anti-Brexit movement and is a leading supporter of the People’s Vote campaign run by Peter mandelson and Roland Rudd a centralist cross party coalition for a second referendum on 2016 European Union in/out referendum.

High ambitions: “We could be better than kingmakers,” Swinson climbed on Sky News’ Sophy Ridge on Sunday.

“I think our politics are volatile at the moment, I think predictions are a bit of a mug’s game in politics.

“I do not put any limit on our ambitions for the Liberal Democrats because our country needs a liberal alternative.”

She also ruled out joining forces with Labour leader ‘Jeremy Corbyn’ in a future coalition.

“Absolutely not,” Ms Swinson said.

“He’s a Brexiteer and is a danger to our country.”

Questioned on whether the party would consider not fielding candidates in certain seats to ensure pro-Remain candidates were elected, Ms Swinson said that the party would be open to the possibility.



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