“Leave voters still want Brexit” – but why?


“The Best reason for Brexit is explained at the end of this article, far more eloquently than anyone else could put it, by Tony Benn. Here are some others:

*The anglophone world is 462 million people.

*It is the largest potential “free trade bloc” on the planet.

*These areas are the most ethnically and culturally diverse areas of the globe.

*Its economy is worth $25 trillion USD.

*That’s the largest economy in the world, by far at 20% of the global economy – but it contains only 6% of the global population.

*Average income – $54,000.

EU Economic Policy harms the poorest – The result of EU economic policy is to manipulate the international markets in such a way that the producers in the richest nations on earth have an in built advantage over the producers in the poorest countries on earth.

And who pays?

Those in the poorest nations are exploited, and their ability to turn their economic growth into benefits for their societies is inhibited. The most notable case of this is coffee. Coffee bean imports are not taxed by the EU, but roasted beans are. Why? Because Italy & Germany have big coffee roasting industries. They won’t let the nations that actually produce coffee develop their economies by processing the raw materials they produce before export – EU export law is designed specifically to inhibit the economic development of the poorest nations.

As an extra effect those poorest who reside in the wealthy nations suffer from the higher prices.

The only people who benefit are the monied & business classes, who take the unfairly gain advantage and leave the poorest with the costs.

The Common Agricultural Policy is literally starving Africa. When it was first invented France got about 25% of the pot. Since then the EU has ballooned to 28 states and yet France still gets around 20% of the CAP pot, despite the fact Poland has more farmers.

This is why Tony Benn would be astonished to see so many left wingers defending the EU today. It was and always has been a NeoLiberal & NeoConservative racket – it was never designed to benefit the people of Europe.

That’s why Portugal has 50% youth unemployment, Greece is given the economic equivalent of a punishment beating every three yers and Germany is voting anti EU NeoNazis into their Bundestag, because even significant segments of the electorate in the EUs largest economy wants out.

The City of London will arguably do even better under Brexit.

The French often debate 90% income tax, the Germans have never been shy in adding more regulations – but guess what banks get in the City of London?

‘Special and ancient privileges.’

The City of London is the oldest governing body on these islands, independent of the Crown, even. From the point of view of the EU banking sectors, the UK is and always has been a country sized Tax Haven. Now it’s a country sized tax haven that’s about to have even more freedom to undermine European banking rates.

Without our economy the EU has an existential financial crisis going on in their finance planning – all long term policies were mapped with the UK economy contributing. The only country that can pick up the tab if we leave with no deal is the Germans, and they just elected a bunch of Neo fascists because their electorate, like electorates across the continent, are so sick of the EU.

Many of the most vocal and venal AntiBrexiteers need to start actually watching the EU parliament, and they’ll see the MEPs themselves are getting very annoyed with those failing the negotiations on the EU side.

The press doesn’t talk about that, though.

Know this, Anti Brexiteers – Brexit mapped as a GE won over 400 seats. After the antics of the last 2 years, even more would vote to Leave. Brits are a stubborn bunch like that.

The way things are going at the moment, the electorate are being driven to the right of the Tory Party – who may well collapse and be replaced by something further to the right, in direct response to the anti democratic nature of the Anti Brexit bandwagon.

If you’re virulently anti Brexit and you’re reading this I hope you can see that many of your views on remain, like the rest of the London media, are parochial. The anglophone world is the strongest economic bloc on earth. The Asian, African & South American economies are where there’s growth in the global economy, and Europe is where there is economic shrinkage.

Why strap ourselves to the failing part of the global economy and hamper our own democracy whilst we do so?”

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