Mass protests planned for Trump’s state visit

Trump baby blimp

Organisers of the protests from the “Together Against Trump” organisation told Nye Bevan News that protests are planned at Buckingham Palace on Monday, when the president will be attending a state banquet with the Queen, and on Tuesday, when he will be visiting Prime Minister Theresa May.

The protest at Buckingham Palace is expected to be a small event, with only 66 people so far registered as “attending” on the Facebook event entitled: Protest at the Palace: Spoil Trump’s Banquet.

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However, the protest on Tuesday, beginning in London’s historic Trafalgar Square at 11 a.m. local time, is expected to be a much more dramatic affair. Nearly 8,000 people are registered for the Facebook event, while another 33,000 social media users have said they are “interested” as of Sunday morning.

A spokesperson from the “Together Against Trump” group told Nye Bevan News that they expect protests to take place throughout the country, but that the event in Trafalgar Square is the main event.

A number of Facebook groups, including the “Stop Trump Coalition” and “Stand up to Trump,” have come together to organise the protests against his state visit, so that the

“world will know that people here reject him and his toxic politics.”

“On 4 June thousands of protesters will be marching to surround Trump as he joins Theresa May on a visit most believe should never have happened,” a spokesperson for “Stand up to Trump” told Nye Bevan News.

“We will be bringing central London to a standstill. By the time he leaves he will know, and the world will know that people here reject him and his toxic politics.”

Trump baby blimp BACK: Organisers achieve fundraising target to bring MASSIVE balloon

THE controversial Donald Trump baby blimp will return to the skies in the UK after fundraisers secured enough money to launch it when the US President returns to the country.

Organisers say the blimp, which depicts Trump wearing nappy and clutching a mobile phone, will be flown up to 100ft in the air.

The group behind the balloon is part of the Stop Trump coalition and originally said it would only be flown if £30,000 was raised to support organisations aiding social issues.

That target was smashed, with £50,000 eventually raised.

Ajuub Faraji, from the group, said: “Trump is a dangerous, divisive demagogue and we’re thrilled that the public have put their hands in their pockets to support groups fighting the impacts of his policies.

“Trump will try his best to avoid the public on his trip, but with Trump Baby flying we’re sending a very clear message of solidarity to those affected by his despicable politics – and saying loud and clear that the US president doesn’t deserve the red carpet treatment being given to him by the Government.”

The Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament is the latest to announce its involvement, pledging to protest against Mr Trump’s “nuclear brinkmanship” and “penchant for tearing up nuclear treaties”.

General secretary Kate Hudson said: “Yes, Britain must foster good diplomatic relations with all countries, but unfurling the red carpet and hosting a state banquet for a US president like Donald Trump is entirely inappropriate.

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