Lies, Damned Truths & #FakeNews : The Idiot Box is Dying & Dangerous


The generations from the television era were & are the most deeply propagandised generations to have ever existed in the entire history of the British Isles. You can tell the sharp eyed cynics from those generations because they say things like:

“I don’t believe anything I see on the TV or anything I read in the newspapers.”

That doesn’t mean they are ignorant, and don’t read at all, it just means they don’t believe what they read.

When you look at why the sharp eyed cynics adopted this stance, it’s pretty obvious: the only sources of information they had was an idiot box in the corner of the room which had 3 channels – two of which were controlled by the government – and a radio which was also mainly mandated by the government (apart from pirate radio of course).

To some people, believing anything such sources said was a laughable notion. To the rest it mostly came across as legitimate. An example of this is the fact that the majority of people still think the UK has an independent Nuclear deterrent, when Trident clearly isn’t independent.

However it is important to remember that we are still dealing with the echo effects of these decades of propaganda campaigns, which were drummed into the generations born under the Television Era relentlessly, from about 1950 onwards.

There was a reason Hitler gave every household in Germany a free wireless radio.

The internet era has ‘Pandoras Boxed’ that entire system of social control. The volatility we see in politics today is as a direct result of that, so is the increasing demise of print media and the increasing desperation of the old media to have everyone believe the ‘new media’ is #FakeNews.

The problem is, we can still remember them telling us that Iraq could strike the UK with WMD in 45 minutes. That’s why once people go online, they don’t come back. Which is why Traditional Newsplatforms are so desperate to crawl their way online.

We found out recently that our facebook page has more people engaging with it than The Times and The Sunday Times, The Spectator, BBC Daily Politics & Sunday Politics & Saving Labour. When recently people have been asking why we ask for subscriptions. The answer to this is that the person who founded and writes for this page is homeless, and the person who administers it is a student with debt up to their eyeballs.

We want this newsplatform to grow, we want to continue to provide an Ad Free website to our readers and we want to crowdfund the equipment to be able to do interviews.

Till now, everything that has been done on this page has been done on borrowed computers, using other people’s electricity, whilst Schrodinger’s Catflap (our page founder and main writer) crashes on a sofa, schedules all our content and writes all of our copy.

It’s not ideal, but it clearly hasn’t held us back – which is why we are taking our jobs seriously and trying to turn Nye Bevan News into a bonafide, ad free NewsPlatform.

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