“When states inside the socially liberal EU proudly announce that they are an ‘illiberal democracy’ – then the current EU idea is no longer fit for purpose.”


The 20th century notion of Europe was a post-war socially liberal confederation, crowned by the idea of “Ever closer union.”

The problem is that it was hijacked by the forces of capital that caused both world wars in the first place, because of rampant wealth and income inequality. An EU bank for example, that entrenches wealth inequality rather than preventing it, was essentially a built in failure mechanism for the EU project.

When you have states inside the socially liberal confederation proudly announcing that they are an illiberal democracy (contradiction in terms), then you know that the current EU idea is no longer fit for purpose.

Brexit is no longer a case of leaving a positive situation because of the rampant racism and bigotry that enabled the referendum result. Brexit is now increasingly ‘getting out early’ before the storm hits.

It is no surprise that an ‘eastern bloc’ in Europe, subjected to cultural derision from the west, and used as a ‘frontier buffer’ for western economic imperialism, is essentially revolting against an allegedly ‘liberal’ and western dominated socio-economic system that benefited narrow, and often highly corrupted channels of their societies.

It is highly understandable as to why a fascist ‘strongman’ approach is preferable for many in the face of this.

The problem is… we’ve been here before in Europe. Many times over the millenia. The result is always the same – rampant bloodletting and dead poor people, with a side order of environmental catastrophe, and nothing really changes.

The difference between my point of view and that of bigots like Farage, is that I believe in “A” European Union. Just not the corrupted, broken and regressive one we have now.

Lets quit now, and build a Corbyn-style Europe from scratch. A Europe that protects the environment, protects any individuals right to a minimum standard of life, and that embraces technology as a means of setting us all free from work. The mistake that the founding fathers (and mothers) of Europe made was to specify a socially liberal EU community, within a fascist neoliberal economic framework. The two are incompatible. Poland and Hungary and the UK are the result of this.

The European Union is over. A NEW EUROPE is needed. Lets discuss it.


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