The General Secretary who tried to purge the Left out of the Labour Party resigns – good riddance to Iain McNichol


The man responsible for the “Orwellian, Stalinist purges” the Blairite wing of the Labour Party imposed on Left Wing socialists, in a failed, pathetic attempt to rig the #ChickenCoup Labour leadership election and deny Jeremy Corbyn an overwhelming victory, has resigned.

Anyone who had to pay the £25 poll tax to vote for Jeremy Corbyn because of this man & anyone who has been unfairly purged from the Labour Party by this man should celebrate today.

Good riddance.

“The loyal lieutenant, who tried to oust Jeremy and John by shoring up trusted blairites and choking off funding in key marginals, has resigned. Let us hope that the culture that is prevalent in too many party staffers of blairism, arrogance, and promoting neoliberal policies gets swept away, and one of honesty, impartiality and humility replaces it!”

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