The challenge for Labour’s Working Class vote is over as UKIP’s only MP quits [Podcast preview]


UK Independence Party (UKIP)‘s only Member of Parliament, Douglas Carswell, has just quit the party.

The Labour Party‘s Shadow Education Secretary Angela Rayner for Ashton under Lyne said :

” UKIP parliamentary presence evaporates as Carswell their only MP throws the towel in on the sinking ship, the party continues its meltdown, they are fast becoming a busted flush, it is our job to help them along into the history books…”

This comes after the Party’s abject failure to win the Stoke By election. Victorious candidate Gareth Snell MP said  of that victory in Stoke : “We pioneered the first industrial revolution, and I believe we can define the next one. We will not be divided by Brexit, faith, race or creed. We will move forward together.  To those who came to sow division – you have failed. This election is a victory for the British values of tolerance and respect.

It is a message that the people of Stoke won’t just sit back as the Tories destroy the NHS. It is a demand that the contribution our people have made to the country will be rewarded.

To see the energy & commitment that has been shown has been profound. I have been humbled by the people of the Potteries. I will work every day to repay the trust that has been shown to me by the people of Stoke. I have a plan for the Potteries, and that plan begins today.”

The Labour Party – 7853
UK Independence Party (UKIP) – 5233
Conservatives – 5154
Liberal Democrats – 2083


As The Query Club Podcast said after Paul Nuttall MEP failed to win the Stoke by Election :

“Ukip are dead. Don’t be glum. This is not a glum time – Labour just killed the main threat to them for the Working Class vote.

If UKIP can’t win a by election when 69% of the electorate are paid up advocates of your main policy, when can you win?

The answer is never. We just killed UK Independence Party (UKIP). They are done. That’s what the story should be at the moment. The narrative in the media should be about the death of UKIP.

Keep the pressure up, keep pushing in local council elections and local assembly elections and we’ll push them out just like we pushed the BNP out.

Don’t let anyone tell you ‘you should be down’ today. We don’t need to be glum – they’ve been telling us we should be glum for two years. Chin up guys, I’d like to, on behalf of everyone in this country, thank you.

The party’s over for UKIP – well done to everyone.”

Hear more Here :

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