This is the crony capitalist Single Market. This is the crony capitalist Customs Union. This is profit before people Free movement.

A disgusting case of Profits before people.
The truck came across the EU economic zone Remainers support our membership of – one that has zero checks.
This is one of the results of a zero check system.
Remainers should own it -and say they accept this negative in return for the so called positives that our continued membership of this system supposedly gives us.

This is the cost of the crony capitalism that underpins the Single Market, the Customs Union & unregulated Free Movement. The victims are reported as Chinese. They came over from Europe, having been driven across the continent.

Pull Factors:

5th largest economy on Earth,

Country with a Capital City that is the gateway to the World,

Lowest unemployment rate in Europe,

Most culturally, linguistically racially & politically diverse culture in Europe,

Language which is the lingua franca of the global economy,

Free healthcare,

Strong workers rights,

Stable political structures,

Strong personal and property rights.

Push factors:

The denial of one or all of the above pull factors.




Political repression,

Disease and destruction,

(Often to the benefit of the profit margins of the above mentioned).


This is the system that Remainers are defending.



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