Tory plan to hold a party on the grave of the miners CANCELLED as catering company Asparagus pulls out.


“7th December 2017

Statement from Asparagus Green Catering Ltd in regard to The National Coal Mining Museum for England

This is further to a statement made by the Museum on 6th December 2017 in relation to complaints and media coverage regarding a social function booking by the Dewsbury County Conservative Association at the Museum on 10th March 2018.

As the contracted catering, conference and functions management company for the Museum, Asparagus Green has carefully assessed the risks related to continuing with the event booking in question – including the immediate term, during which family-focused Christmas events such as the pantomime and Santa Underground are taking place, in the months leading up to the function, and during the event itself on 10th March 2018.

In light of complaints and comments that have been made by telephone, email and social media platforms, the company’s priority must be to safeguard staff, visitors and the Museum property and to avoid potential public order issues.

In light of the above, a decision has been taken by Asparagus Green, with the support of the Museum’s Board of Trustees, to cancel the function booking on the 10th March.”

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