What Kate Osamor ACTUALLY said: “It’s not as easy as just removing someone – intervention sometimes can be even more devastating than the time before.”


Labour Shadow cabinet Kate Osamor is currently being mis represented in the (Russian Oligarch owned) Independent Newspaper. 

The comments quoted by Benjamin Kentish originally appeared in an article featured in The House magazine, which has since been deleted. The Independent are (mis)quoting and twisting the original article, which stated intervention as a hypothetical, on the basis of evidence. Here’s what the Shadow Cabinet Minister had to say about evidence:

“It’s that evidence that comes out of it can’t be 110%… I genuinely want to know, why are there all these investigations, and when we get to the end we still can’t say ‘it is X, Y and Z’?

It’s not as easy as just removing someone.

I think that’s what needs to happen. They always seem to abscond, end up in another country… This world is messed up… it’s not easy. But if a leader is killing their own they need to be removed. We don’t keep them there. They need to go. He needs to be removed. But how do you remove someone? I’m saying this almost as a layman, but I know politically you can’t just remove somebody who is elected.

I think what we have seen over the years is that when the intervention takes place the outcome sometimes can be even more devastating than the time before the intervention. I don’t know if it outweighs it. I just don’t know.


That person needs to be removed. I mean, intervention must take place if evidence comes back that the PM or the president or whoever the leader is, is gassing his own people.”

The original article URL is here: https://www.politicshome.com/news/uk/foreign-affairs/house/house-magazine/94314/kate-osamor-

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