U.S. bombs Syria again: why has Trump turned NeoCon?


The key to it all is the fiat currency for trading oil.

Under an OPEC agreement, all oil has been traded in US dollars since 1971 (after the dropping of the gold standard) which makes the US dollar the de facto major international trading currency. The European Union is the only challenger to the USA’s economic position, and it created the euro to challenge the dollar in international markets.

In 1999, Iraq, with the world’s second largest oil reserves, switched to trading its oil in euros. America thought this was funny at first; Iraq had just made a mistake that was going to cost a lot of lost revenue.

Two years later, the laughter turned hollow; the Euro was rising against the dollar, Iraq had given itself a huge economic free kick by switching.

Iran started thinking about switching; Venezuela began cutting out the dollar by bartering oil with Cuba & others. Russia ramped up oil production with Europe (trading in Euros). The dollar was losing its grip on oil trading and consequently on world trade in general. If America did not stamp on this immediately, this economic paradigm shift was capable of consuming the US economy and its dominance of world trade.

The USA’s real economic condition is about as bad as it could be; it is the most debt-ridden nation on earth, owing about US$15,000 for every single one of it’s 300 million men, women and children.

Even if OPEC did not switch to euros wholesale the US’s difficulties would build. Even if only a small part of the oil trade went euro, that would increase the attractiveness to EU members of joining the ‘eurozone’, which in turn would make the euro stronger and make it more attractive to oil nations as a trading currency and to other nations as a general trading currency.


America’s response to the euro threat was predictable. It came out fighting. The illegal Iraq invasion sent a very clear message to any other oil producers just what will happen to them if they do not stay in the dollar circle.

This was to be a severe setback to the European Union and its euro, the only trading bloc and currency strong enough to attack the USA’s dominance of world trade through the dollar. Locking the world back into dollar oil trading would consolidate America’s current position and make it all but impregnable as the dominant world power — economically and militarily.

A splintered Europe and its euro would suffer a serious setback and might take decades to recover. The US diplomats worked hard for over a decade to split Europe on many issues, most notably Iraq; Britain was easy, but other Europeans offered opposition to the US in terms of UN votes.

President Bush did once promise to “protect the American way of life.”

This sort of military adventure is what he meant. Many people who elected Trump did so precisely to avoid actions such as these.

We don’t even know if Assad is responsible for the Chemical attack. Let’s not forget what our last source of intelligence was: the ‘dodgy dossier’ that Alastair Campbell ‘sexed up’ for Tony Blair prior to the illegal invasion of Iraq.  Tony Blair & George W. Bush’s obsession with the idea of ridding the world of Saddam Hussein was eerily similar to the drumbeat we see surrounding Syria today.

“In September 2002 the head of Mi6 rushed to Downing Street to tell Blair excitedly that they had finally found the source that confirmed everything. The source, he said Saddam Hussein was making vast quantities of VS & Sarin nerve agents.

The nerve agents were being loaded into linked hollow glass spheres…..but then someone in Mi6 noticed the details were describing were identical to scenes in the 1996 movie The Rock, starring Sean Connery & Nicholas Cage.

A later report into the Iraq War pointed out : ‘glass containers were not typically used in chemical munitions, and the informant had obviously seen a popular movie, known as ‘The Rock’, which inaccurately depicted nerve agents being carried in glass beads or spheres’………..”


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