“In June 2016, my membership of the Labour Party was suspended after I was accused of making anti-Semitic comments.

The party investigated and decided to lift my suspension. The accusations were then sent to my employer, the local authorities I was a member of and the police, who by law, must pass hate crimes on to the Crown Prosecution Service. All these organisations investigated the accusations. All of them cleared me.

Yet I continue to be stalked, harassed and be called anti-Semitic.

Why is this? It’s quite simple really; I continue to criticise the Israeli government and its illegal occupation of Palestinian land. I refuse to back down. I have received death threats and abuse on a regular basis, but I refuse to abandon the Palestinian cause.

Most of the accusations of anti-Semitism aimed at Labour Party members are false. They are an attempt to shut down the debate on Gaza and to silence criticism of Israeli policy. Those on the right of the party and those outside of the party are throwing the accusations around to undermine the leadership, destabilise the party and personally gain from the consequences. The very suggestion that Jeremy Corbyn is racist is as insulting as it is ludicrous. The man has dedicated his life to fighting racism.”

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