Making of a mural – the view of the artist.


“I came to paint a mural which depicted the elite banker cartel, known as the Rothschilds, the Rockafellas, the Morgans, the Ruling Class, the Elite Few, the Wizards of Oz.

They would be playing a boardgame of monopoly on the backs of the Working Class with the symbol of the Freemason pyramid rising behind this group, and behind that is a polluted world of coal burning and nuclear reactors.

I’m creating this piece to inspire thought and spark conversation.”

The artist who created it explains why he made the mural which has caused more outrage than the Telford scandal, the Salisbury poisoning & Brexit.

Artistic self expression is being attacked – whether it’s Count Dankula or MEAR ONE – and if the Left doesn’t defend against it, Free Speech will die.

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