As former CEO gets £1.6m Carillion staff are forced to pay flat fee just to receive the wages they are owed.


Carillion owed £1.3billion when it went bust. Its pension scheme is missing £590million. Richard Howson, former chief executive, was paid £1.5m in 2016.

Now their former staff are being charged a fee to receive the wages they are owed.

“We were effectively Carillion employees without the rights of someone employed by Carillion.

We wore Carillion clothes, did the same work – everything was the same apart from our pay packets and our workers’ rights.

Crest took £17 off you to process your wages and sometimes it could be £25 depending on how much you earn.

When we had a meeting with Crest, they told us they were responsible for paying 10,000 workers. So imagine how much they are coining in charging guys a minimum of £17 every week.

Carillion dodged paying the national insurance they would have to pay if they employed me direct.

It’s a scam and pretty galling that they were effectively shafting the taxpayer while being paid fortunes to do public sector contracts.”


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