Testimony from (another) Betrayed Labour Heartlands Member – Brexit


Here we publish yet another departing testimony following this week’s Brexit amendment ballot – championed by none other than the ranks of “our” party.

“I joined Labour because of Jeremy Corbyn. Today I have left it because of him stabbing 17.4 million people in the back, ensuring Labour will not win the next general election AND let New Labour come back…” – John Bryant

It has come to our attention that a growing number of Labour members from the northern heartlands and beyond have grown increasingly disenchanted with the party’s evident Brexit position, which is to rule out opting for No Deal, should a deal that the party judges to be in the interests of “jobs and the protection of workers rights, public services and environment”, fail to be secured and to push for a grossly undemocratic second referendum, which is now being proposed by leadership as very much an option should we fail to force a general election.

These people are the backbone of the Labour Party, spanning many generations, who have endured not only economic and community hardship but one PLP betrayal after another, from the miners’ defeat to PFI to the Iraq war. The Labour leadership needs to know we are losing vital and dynamic good eggs at an all too critical time both for party and for country. It is incumbent on Jeremy Corbyn not to let his Blairite captors strike the devastating double-blow of undermining our hard-fought democratic freedoms and losing electoral support thus handing the evil Tories yet another undeserved victory.

We aim to publish these testimonies in the coming days/weeks as we receive them. In the meantime, if you have been affected by this issue, please get in touch with your photo and testimony, using the form below, and we will endeavour to reach out to the powers that be.


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