Dodgy Dave’s defender Alan Duncan proves Theresa’s Tories have not changed


“So you are claiming expenses for a second home when you’ve got three, and you’ve got an income coming in from it?” – Ian Hislop, Private Eye editor.

“Fabulous system, isn’t it?” – Alan Duncan MP, Conservatives

“You don’t think that’s a bit dodgy?” – Hislop.

“No.” – Alan Duncan, Tory Cabinet Minister.

A vote for the Tories on May 4th & June 8th is a vote for more MP’s like Alan Duncan – As well as fiddling the expenses system, Tory Minister Alan Duncan received £50,000 from Fujairah Refining Ltd, a Dubai oil company on leaving his £8,000-a-month second job to become a government minister under Theresa May.

Rutland MP Sir Alan Duncan got £96,000 a year(£615 an hour), as well as his £74,962 MP’s salary, as a non-executive director. He resigned from the firm on July 18th, the day after he was made a Foreign Office minister by Theresa May. The Register of Members Interests shows he took £50,000 from the firm after he quit.

He was forced to resign from the Tory cabinet of the 1990s for fiddling the “Right to Buy” scheme so as to get himself a Westminster Council House, bribing a tenant into buying his own council house, using Duncan’s money.

Duncan said, after the Panama papers tax scandal implicated ‘Dodgy’ David Cameron that :

“We risk having a House of Commons stuffed full of low achievers who hate enterprise, hate people who look after their own families and know absolutely nothing about the outside world.”


In 2015 63% of the people did not vote for the Tories. On June 8th, again, it is predicted that the majority will not vote for the Tories. Pollsters predict that, if the British electorate do not vote against the Tories and they win a landslide, they will redraw and gerrymander the boundaries, cementing in their rule for a generation and more. After the boundaries have been redrawn, no matter who we vote for, we will all be ruled by Tories.

It is now or never. If we get this wrong it will be Tories forever. The NHS will not survive that.



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