One of the London Bridge Terrorists featured on a Channel 4 documentary in 2016


“This is a front for recruiting for ISIS.” ….”I’m a Muslim, but F*** you!” – British Muslims to Wahaabi Extremist.

One of the terrorists that stabbed people in London featured in the Channel 4 News documentary ‘The Jihadi’s Next Door’ (watch it, the guy who made it is brave).

Just look, in this clip, how British citizens from the many, varied Muslim Communities that came here from our old Empire react to psychotic, Wahhaabi ISIS supporting Saudi Arabian backed terrorist scum bags.

This is what people mean when they say ‘Not All Muslims’. This is why the calls from some to ‘get your community in order’ are off the mark a bit. What more are these British Muslim men supposed to do, short of taking the law into their own hands – which is exactly the thing we despise the terrorists for doing?

It’s a Kafka trap. A catch 22. These Wahaabi ISIS supporting psychos need to be identified and exposed for what they are, not rolled up with the nebulous concept, largely invented by the media to simplify things, the ‘Muslim community’ – a country with a history as rich as Britian should understand that Muslims came here from Turkey, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Kurdistan, literally all over the old Empire.

We need to stop pretending this is a simple paint by numbers problem. That sort of lazy thinking is what got us in this mess in the first place.

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