Ed Sheeran says “I love everything Jeremy Corbyn is about.” That’s why the Right Wing press are smearing him.


The Telegraph has put out a #FakeNews hit piece on Ed Sheeran, saying he has installed “anti homeless” gates on his house.

“He’s denied it saying that he wants to put barriers round his home to keep out the paparazzi. I think that’s probably more likely to be true to be honest than the story being spread by the evil pap.”

Can’t think why the right wing press would be targeting him. Anybody got any ideas?

Seriously though, The Daily Telegraph? Your own editor resigned because you refused to talk about the HSBC banking scandal, due to the fact your main advert revenue came from…HSBC.

You media types have been lying to our generation since we were babes in the crib. We have learned every nuance, every corner and cranny of your dishonesty. We know you’re lying even when you think you are telling the truth.

Ed Sheeran’s story is a quintessential tale of rags to riches, of which this country should be, and is, very proud.

He also contributes more to our public services with his taxes than the Telegraph does, I’d wager.

In short, this attempt at a smear has done nothing save highlight just how ridiculously pathetic your attempts at news dissemination are in the digital age.

A few decades hence, you will either have learned to stop this stuff, reformed and revitalised, or you will be dead.

Please know this, old media:

We are going to bury you as time goes by.

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