“Was this another NHS winter crisis cooked up in 10 Downing Street?”


“Can the Secretary of State tell us how many elective operations he expects to be cancelled by December 31st?

Already over 80,000 have been cancelled – that’s an increase on last year. A & E attendance is up on last year. Bed occupancy is higher than last year and the CQC has warned that

“the NHS is straining at the seams.”

Now, winter is coming and last week the Tories made £15 billion in spending commitments, but not a penny extra for the NHS.

So this winter will the NHS fare worse or better – or will there be another NHS crisis made in Downing Street?”


Today Jeremy Hunt​ & Theresa May​ have admitted repeatedly that all of this – cancelling operations, running down services, denying people care – was part of their ‘plan’…

The NHS needs a 4% increase in its budget per year to keep up with demand. The Tories have raised it by around 2.5% – which is effectively a 1.5% year on year cut.

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