As the Great British Charity scam gears up to swindle people for another winter – what does the Public think?


“Fed up of the myth put out by CEOs of big charities – that to attract good people you need mega-salaries. On this basis there would be no good Doctors, Nurses or Teachers in the NHS.”

“Some of the best CEOs should definitely get almost as much as teachers or nurses or firefighters.”

“The Charity Commission has issued a stark warning to the National Hereditary Breast Cancer Helpline – after it emerged that the organisation spent just 3 per cent (around £27,000) of its total expenditure on charitable activities in 2014-15. Over £800,000 – went on “fundraising and other expenses.”

“These “Charity” organisations are basically fraudulent when less than 50% of the money collected makes it to the front line.”

“One handy way to size up a charity is to pay attention to how much it spends on overheads, rather than frontline do-gooding.”

” I was just going to post that I only now donate money to the RNLI. BUT before I posted my declaration which I was certain was going to have a CEO with a salary of say ~ £70K p/a, I thought that I’d better check first. I’m aghast that volunteers who risk their lives daily, in atrocious seas around the UK do it to save lives. The CEO gets £188,871 *
* Includes salary, pension car and employer’s NI contribution. Imagine my disgust.”

“Many of these charities should be forced to amalgamate. There are just too many there providing big fat salaries for the administrators.”

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