“Noam Chomsky says: ‘The people who affect our politics aren’t the Russians – it’s the Saudi Arabians and the Israelis.” – Jimmy Dore


“Trump is buddy buddies with a psychopathic maniac – Benjamin Netenyahu – who shoots medics and journalists.

It’s crazy to me that the people that went through the holocaust, who realise the cost of dehumanizing an entire race of people are now capable of doing that to the Palestinians.

Noam Chomsky has said “if you care about what’s effecting our pristine elections, the Russia gate is the last place I’d look – the first place would be Israel.”

Netenyahu came to the US, without the invitation of President Obama, and addressed the Congress to tell them to vote against the President. Can you imagine if Putin did that?

The people who affect our politics aren’t the Russians, it’s the Saudi Arabians and the Israelis.

We’re helping Saudi Arabia commit a war crime in Yemen. Saudi Arabia is on the Human Rights council.

It’s a joke.”

Comedian Jimmy Dore’s epic rant about Israel, Trump, Putin & the media

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