Tories calling Corbyn “dangerous” really need to take a look in the mirror


After the news broke that May would be inviting Jeremy Corbyn to hold Brexit talks with her, to break the deadlock, Tory MPs took to social media to share their outrage.

Tory MP Nigel Adams (has anyone actually heard of him?) resigned from his role as Wales Minister, saying:

“It now seems that you and your cabinet have decided that a deal – cooked up with a Marxist who has never once in his political life put British interest first – is better than no deal.”

Presumably, Nigel is confusing putting British interest first, with putting the desires of the super-rich and capitalists first. Corbyn has a long history of standing up for the oppressed and disadvantaged, both in Britain and abroad. But of course, for people like Nigel, those groups probably don’t count for anything – given he voted 49 times to reduce welfare benefits.

Yet again, the “Marxist” smear is used. Have they even read any Marxist theory? Probably not, given there are senior Tory MPs who couldn’t even be bothered to read the Good Friday Agreement, and that’s only 35 pages long. God knows how they’d fare against Das Kapital. Do they actually understand what Marxism is, or is it just another buzzword in their desperate attempts to keep Corbyn out of Number 10?

Then steps up Iain Duncan-Smith. He says that May talking to Corbyn:

“legitimises a Marxist whose sole purpose in life is to do real damage to the country”

Incredibly rich coming from the man whose flagship Universal Credit policy has done untold damage to the disabled, poor and vulnerable in this country. If Iain wants to be shown a man who has wrecked Britain, a mirror would be the best place to start. Tory austerity has been linked to 120,000 deaths. Food bank usage is sky high, poverty is getting worse. But hey, at least Iain has a vintage sports car he can prat around in. Iain is an architect of misery, and should think twice before pointing the finger at anyone else for doing damage.

Whilst this dangerous and divisive rhetoric is spouted by Tory MPs, Corbyn’s personal safety is put at risk. Not only was he the original target of the Finsbury Park attacker, he was singled out in an acid attack plot, punched at a Mosque…and now members of the British Military have been recorded doing target practice on pictures of him. It’s disgraceful.

MPs across the board are getting death threats. Just 3 years ago, Labour MP Jo Cox was tragically murdered. Yesterday, a neo-nazi was arrested for plotting to kill Labour MP Rosie Cooper. Diane Abbott gets death threats on a regular basis, as well as untold amounts of racial abuse.

This is what happens when those running our country drag political discourse down to such a low level. Constant personal attacks, name-calling, smearing and dangerous lies that Corbyn supports the IRA have been spread for well over 3 years now. Gove stood in parliament and called Corbyn a terrorist sympathiser – with impunity. Sajid Javid called Momentum supporters “neo-fascists”. As I’m writing this, May has just said on PMQs that Corbyn sided with Putin over the Salisbury Novichok attacks.

We have a media that would rather attack the opposition, than hold the Government to account. All it does is allow these irresponsible attacks to go on with impunity. In any other job, making false/slanderous statements and whipping up hatred, fear and inciting violence would lead to disciplinary action and maybe even being sacked.

Not in May’s Conservative party. It’s been totally normalised. If anything, it’s applauded. Anything goes, when your majority has been taken away, you’re being bullied by the far-right of your party and you’re too scared to say no to your MPs. Make no mistake – this is a Government in name only.


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