Theresa May: New Plan after failing to deliver Brexit

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"You're tired of the infighting, you're tired of the political games and the arcane procedural rows

Here’s what May plans to do

In her statement from Downing Street, Theresa May spelled out the process she will take over the coming days. Here’s what she said:

Britain needs another Brexit extension. May said she understood those who argued for a no-deal Brexit on April 12, but she insisted that “leaving with deal is the best solution.” She plans to ask the EU for a short extension that would not require participating in the European parliamentary elections on May 23. It sounds like she will request a delay to May 22 – a date already suggested by the EU.

She will meet with opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn to find a cross-party solution. May hopes the two leaders will agree to a Brexit plan “we would both stick to to ensure we leave the EU and we do so with a deal.” That plan would be put to the EU Council on April 10, which would decide on the UK request for a Brexit delay.

If they can’t agree, Parliament will get more votes. If May and Corbyn can’t find a cross-party plan, Parliament will get to vote on a number of alternatives. May promised to abide by the result. “Crucially, the Government stands ready to abide by the decision of the House but to make this process work the Opposition would need to agree to this too,” she said.

May concluded by saying:

“This is a decisive moment in the story of these islands and it requires national unity to deliver the national interest.”

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